Turn off the screen while listening to music videos and greatly increase your battery life.

Huge Save in Battery


Use Black Screen of Life to turn off the screen of your smartphone while you listen to videos, and save around 60% of battery.

How tests were performed
How to Use

1. Enable BSoL
2. Run your app
3. Block the proximity sensor

Scren is off and your app is still playing!

* If BSoL does not work as expected on your device, please go to BSoL settings and enable Compatibility Mode *
What Users Are Saying

Such a simple and ingenious idea. Definitely download, it's even worth the premium version!

I will look past your overuse of memes and say you are a genius, probably sent from some higher plane of existence with the purpose to help us peasants in these dark times.

I was happy to buy the premium version: I love the battery savings!

Excellent! I found a bug and the developer fixed it the next day. I made a suggestion and he implemented it for a reasonable price. Good app with a very responsive developer.

Best thing ever, better than cars and the invention of vaccines! Nobel peace prize worthy. All kidding aside download this app for yourself.

Read about it online, it's what i've been looking for at least 3 years since i've had my first android phone! Amazing :D

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Try it, it's free!

Start saving battery now with Black Screen of Life
and, by saving electricity, save a tree or two!


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